Who We Are

We Run as One is a Virtual Run. Throughout 2021 we are aiming to run and raise money for children living in poverty. You can choose your team & set your own distance goal, register through this site, and start fundraising for Compassion UK.

What We Do

Working in partnership with local churches in developing countries, we link a child in critical need with a caring sponsor, like you. Each sponsor enables us to provide exceptional care for their sponsored child through every stage of their childhood. Poverty is complicated. Sometimes the children in our Child Sponsorship Programme have needs beyond the regular care we provide. Through additional fundraising support we are able to take action in emergencies. From the provision of safe drinking water, initiatives to tackle malnutrition or emergency relief after a disaster, Compassion Interventions save lives.

Where We Work

Compassion works in partnership with local churches in 25 developing countries. Together, we provide resources, training, and expertise to help the church give the children in their community the opportunity to escape from poverty and fulfil their potential.